small teams, BIG dreams!

We’re all about creating awesome hyper-casual games across all genres.

Fun and intuitive gameplay experience.
Striking visuals and game art.
Incorporating player feedback into updates and future titles.

Key Features

We constantly think of new ways to improve the player experience across all our games.

Iterating ideas to perfection

All ideas have the potential to become the next big thing. We strive to improve with each step.

Seeking big opportunities

We’re at the forefront of new tech and are focusing on the future to achieve even more success.

We believe in experience

Inspiration comes from anywhere – and our experience is the key to successful games.

Super Simple… Super Fun!

We strive to make everyone a little bit happier every time they play our games.

Five Star Reviews

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All these something you would like to on one screen with more personalize features…


Now you can add weather, calendar, rss, quote, note,… on your lock screen so easy, quickly, friendly and fantasy!

lịch VIỆT

Ứng dụng mang trải nghiệm hoàn toàn mới về tra cứu lịch Việt Nam với thiết kế thông minh, hiện đại và thân thiện.

What People are Saying

We’ve got lots of exciting plans for the future and are looking for talented people to join us on our adventure.